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Hi, and many thanks for finding the time out to have a look at my blog.

I guess that I should really get started by telling you a few things about me, so here goes;

I'm a budding cyclist, and also have taken part in the London to South Hampton cycle event on various occasions (although I usually end up closer to the rear of the pack, than the front!), and I also enjoy going swimming at my community leisure centre club.

When I get time I also like to play tennis, go fishing and unwind by the river, or occasionally simply relax in front of the TV and enjoy watching the football.

I also find it extremely relaxing to paint and sketch, which is something new to me, but I am really starting to get into it!

I'm also a fire safety enthusiast, am a member of the fire brigade historic society, and have a love for old, new, vintage, actually, any and all fire engines.

Lately I've visited many different countries across the world to see fire service related equipment at exhibitions and have also became acquainted with a number of fantastic people who have showed me a great deal.

I used to be a fire officer in an airport fire service in Kent, and really enjoyed the job, the training that we received, and generally hanging around with the lads on the station. I learned a lot in this particular job, and subsequently took a level 3 fire safety course to help cement and strengthen my practical knowledge.

My intention with this weblog is to meet up with a few new buddies, and also share some of my practical knowledge and experiences with you.

I am going to be writing about the latest fire safety incidents, sharing some useful tips and information, and including a number of exciting photographs and videos.

Anyhow, thanks again for looking over my website, and I hope that you will find it entertaining!

Fires lead to extreme damage to homes and businesses around the globe.

By being aware of some rudimentary safety details and also following a number of easy steps, practically all fires and fatalities could be stopped.

If you're a company owner it's essential to make sure that everyone that you employ has at least a basic understanding of fire safety. There are various things that might result in an outbreak of fire, however, with a bit of common sense they can most often be kept under control.

It is crucial to have some type of procedure in position to be certain that everyone knows the right way to escape in case there is a fire, not just at work, but also whilst in the home. Fire risks in the home are generally not too difficult to gauge, and it is also usually moderately straightforward to put systems in place to ensure that you have a safe way out in the case of a fire. Surprisingly, lots more people are injured or killed because of fires in the home than at work.

It might seem obvious, but turning off appliances is an easy technique to significantly lower the fire risk in your home, as well as making sure that you're always being as careful that you can when it comes to cooking and utilizing heaters or fires.

Fire extinguishers are a simple way to ensure your property is protected from the risks of fire.

In the UK there are a few sorts of fire extinguisher, which may be easily distinguished by the colour of the label, with blue being dry powder, beige being foam, black being carbon dioxide, along with red-colored being water. There's a minimum number of fire extinguishers that must be positioned within a property, with a minimum of one extinguisher every 200ms.

Generally fire extinguishers would probably be positioned by the final exit doors that lead out of the building as well as on the staircase landings, to make sure people pass them en route out from the property, and may then choose whether to tackle the fire or not.

There are plenty of places where you can purchase extinguishers, and it's most certainly worth doing your research for the best price. It is recommended to make sure that your fire extinguishers are mounted correctly by a competent professional.

Some buildings may not have appropriate walls for mounting heavy extinguishers, nevertheless, there are stands available if this should end up being the case.

A lot of people have been seriously injured in the past by utilizing fire extinguishers on the wrong kinds of fire, as a result, managers need to make sure that their staff have been trained in their use. People must always use sound judgement when choosing to utilize an extinguisher, and must by no means attempt to fight a fire if it is out of control.

Another type of fire safety product is the fire blanket, that is typically utilised for putting out chip pan fires, and is created from a special covered fire resistant material.Fire blankets are quick to release, need little to no instruction in their use, and can be found in a number of sizes.

In the event of a fire each and every second counts, therefore it is really important that you have some kind of smoke detection installed, especially on the landings and also outside your kitchen.However, You will need to be sure a smoke alarm is properly installed, there are services available to aid you with this, and when installed inside your property you need to routinely ensure that it's functioning.